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Published at last!

It has been perhaps a month or so since my last entry and that was because of all the editing and setbacks involved in the publication process for Journey through Darkness. But finally all of that hard work as paid off and the novel is complete and available in ebook and paperback edition.

I am excited but overwhelmed. When I began this process in 2008 I thought it would be much easier than it has been. I figured I would spend a few months getting the word out and by the time publication was complete, I could take a little break and wait for the sales to happen. But I am already running into a few problems. My inventory won’t be stocked until mid-summer due to the processing time of the publisher. Amazon.com has the wrong description for my book in their marketplace. And currently I am unable to track any sales through the publisher so I have no idea if the book is selling or not.

The strangest thing about this experience has been the reception of the book. I am getting mixed results from family and friends. Ironically, I have received more encouragment and support from strangers than from people I have known for years. But I can’t let that get me down or discourage me. I have accomplished a lifelong dream in getting published. As my husband so often reminds me, people will come around after they discover the book is selling.

Journey through Darkness available in ebook and paperback



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