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So What’s Next?

Okay, so Journey through Darkness is published and making its way through various distribution channels, so what now? How do you go from new author to established author? That is the challenge I now face as I learn the strategy of marketing and identifying my target audience.

The first step is usually a press release campaign where the author gets the word out about a book through magazines, newspapers, radio stations, etc.  Then you struggle relentlessly to find people to review your book so that it begins to earn some credibility. And of course the obvious strategy is utilizing social networking sites where you must learn how to advertise your book without making a complete nuisance of yourself. Unfortunately, I do not have the finances or resources to try out all of these techniques. I do not have a lot of time during the day to promote my book while learning my new job.  So I have had to use different and inexpensive tactics that I hope will work.

I am  recruiting volunteers to pass out fliers and cards on my behalf. I’m also networking with other authors to trade website links and advertisements. Face-to-face contact seems to be a must but sales is not my area of expertise. I am pretty quiet, so making a lot of noise to get people’s attention about the book is not really my style. My mother and my husband help me out with that by spreading the word about the book. They end up getting the sales for me which is great.

Fortunately, Synchronized Chaos Magazine was nice enough to take a chance on a newcomer by writing a very nice piece on Journey through Darkness which can be found on my homepage “Africa’s Answer to the Odyssey and the Kalevala: Review of Kandake Brockington’s Journey through Darkness”  www.journeysaga.com. I am working on obtaining more book reviews in the near future and some local libary visits this Fall.

Synchronized Chaos Magazine



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