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Writing is the Easy Part

For some writers it may take them their entire lives to finish a book. And publishing is a different story entirely. I discovered that writing is the easy part, it’s the part that comes as naturally to me as breathing…when I have the time to write that is. Writing is as simple as picking up a journal or jotting a few words down on a computer. The hard part is selling, advertising, and promoting the finished product. As a writer you don’t get to take a break from life. It marches on with or without your consent. I’m the mother of a toddler with a baby on the way, I work forty hours a week, and go to school part time so I honestly do not have a lot of time in a day to worry about selling my book. It’s a harsh reality, but one I have accepted a long time ago, because I understand that my choices in life probably mean I will never become a famous author. I cannot commit to a hectic schedule of book signings and daily promotion.  Fortunately, I have received a lot of support from local groups of people that are excited about the Journey Saga and what it could bring to the genre of speculative fiction and dark fantasy. In the future I hope that I will have more time to participate in promotional activities to share my vision for the saga, but right now I am realistic …yet still optimistic.

As far as updates, I am glad to report that Journey through Darkness is now available for Borders as a paperback and ebook for their Kobo ereader. Amazon, Sony, and Barnes and Nobles already carry the title in both formats. The soundtrack for the novel, Darkness Before the Light, is free to listen to at Amarna West Publications and Kandake Soul Music Productions. I am still working on Journey of the Damned, the second book of the Saga but I have a long way to go. My goal is to have the novel released by September of 2011 and to begin producing an instrumental soundtrack for the novel but I haven’t started on that yet.


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