Learn more about the Journey Saga and Self-Publishing

My Writing Origins

My background…

For most of my childhood I lived in Sacramento, CA and various cities throughout the Bay Area including: Richmond, Oakland, Hercules, and now San Jose.

I am still a student and considered a “super senior,” a title I wear proudly. As long as I finish and obtain my two degrees, I don’t care how long it takes me.

When I first began writing…

As a child I bounced around a lot and lived with many relatives, never really feeling like I belonged anywhere.  Every year I found myself in a new school attempting to make new friends. But it was often a difficult adjustment to make, so I read a lot which ultimately spawned my passion for writing.

I was nine years old when I wrote my first short story. I barely remember it now, but I know it was about a group of child-gods that took over the world—or something like that. I wrote the type of stories that I wanted to read as a child and it helped me cope with the constant upheavals in my life.

About writing in general…

Writing eventually became a necessity more so than a hobby. I could not go more than a day or two without writing (I still can’t). Some might say I have an obsession with journals, pens, and paper in general. I originally wrote Journey through Darkness and the entire saga in approximately 30 journals.

I have tried writing in various genres including poetry, horror, and science fiction, but I came back to fantasy because I love mythology and I wanted to tell stories that revitalized old myths for a younger generation.

Honestly, Journey through Darkness was never meant to see the light of day. I wrote it for my own personal enjoyment. However, with gentle coaxing from my husband and other relatives, I decided to share this novel with the world hoping that others will enjoy it as much as I do.

Choosing to self-publish…

One of the main reasons why I never tried the traditional publishing method was because I wanted to keep the authenticity of this novel. I didn’t want to change it based on someone else’s opinion of it. 

My aspirations…

I think most published authors want to be recognized as the latest and greatest in the industry, but I would be satisfied in knowing that my work is appreciated by others. I would love to have a best-selling novel, but I would be just as happy knowing that people are reading and enjoying my book.


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