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Status: Journey of the Damned Book II

Journey of the Damned is a giant mass of scenes, notes, and chapters all struggling to fuse into a cohesive unit that can be called a novel. So far it’s becoming larger than Journey through Darkness in content because there is so much to explore in the realm of ancient Egyptian and Nubian mythology. There are gods and mythical creatures I’ve been looking forward to writing about that are introduced into this novel and characters that have surprised me with their complexity.

This month I am working out the final chapters and resolving plots from Book I. With so many characters in constant competition for my attention, I am brainstorming possible spin offs and short stories to pacify the relentless characters that must have their own tale. So far there has only been one prequel short story, The Everliving Akh. It was going to be published in an anthology but I plan to add it as a bonus story to Journey of the Damned.

No spoilers in this post but as we get closer to publication I may post some excerpts or deleted scenes… so it’s time to get caught up. 2014 is the year of The Rising!



Moving Forward

I admit that I have fallen behind in my blogging but I have had good reason. Over the last few weeks I’ve been hit hard with a lot of unfortunate mishaps and the kind of stress that would make most people throw in the towel. But I am getting through my struggles one day at a time and remaining optimistic.

The good news is that I managed to meet all of my deadlines, and Journey through Darkness is in production right now. Editing the novel was by far the most grueling task. I have read the book from start to finish at least four times in the past two weeks, and I will have to read it one more time to approve the final copy. But overall I am satisfied with the presentation and layout of the book. I will be excited to hold that first author’s copy in my hand…proof that I have accomplished a lifelong goal of mine.

I admit that I have some mixed emotions about this accomplishment. Like any new writer I wonder how well my novel will be received by the public. Will people enjoy it? Will they hate it? Will I wish that I’d kept that dusty manuscript in the back of the closet for another 10 years?

I know that my characters will remain apart of me forever. I have spent my entire adult life writing this saga. It has brought me much joy during some of the most troubling times of my life. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine life without writing. I hope that the muses will continue blessing me with ideas and motivation to move forward.

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